Bognor Regis Class

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Kamon martial arts class in Bognor Regis.

Due to the success of the Littlehampton Wing Chun class,  this will follow a similar format – the full classical style of Wing Chun Kung Fu, with additional concepts (sparring, grappling etc) to help evolve the realistic aspect of the art.

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Kamon Cardio Class in Worthing

This will be on Worthing Seafront and will be focused on training Kamon Wing Chun at a high intensity.

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Black sash for Alex Griffiths!

Congratulations to Alex Griffiths who received his black sash from Kevin Chan via Dave Rechais last night after 11 years training with Kamon Wing Chun.

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Next Grading! 9am-1pm 3rd June Guildford

The grading will be held on Saturday 3rd June at 9.00 at St Catherine’s Village Hall, Chestnut Ave, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4HF

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Kamon Summer Camp – Brighton 2017


If you are wishing to attend the Summer Camp this year, you should have registered your interest by now.

If you haven’t, you need to email us this week at or risk losing your place.

Fees must be in by the start of May.


Students wishing to get an extra boost in their training, are welcome to join us for an intense four day session in Brighton on the south coast.

The training will be at various venues in the Brighton area, and is an excellent change of scenery for Kamon members and non members alike.

The dates of the trip are Thursday 29th June – Sunday 2nd July. The fee is £35 for Kamon members, £40 for non members, which covers all of your training and venue hire. You are welcome to train AT ANY TIME during the trip (ie if you can only make Saturday, you are more than welcome, although it will be the same cost).

The wing chun training will include intense drills, formwork, feeding techniques, lok sao, dan chi sao and chi sao. We will also be teaching skills from other arts, which will include opportunities to spar heavily if you so wish. We will have matted areas for those dabbling in BJJ/wrestling/Judo or who wish to learn the basics. One of the venues comes equipped with every bit of kit you can imagine, so there will be a chance to go outside of your normal training. You may have also heard of the infamous egg punching training….

We will also emphasis the social aspect of the trip, which is the best part of training in Kamon. There will be a couple of big meals at the restaurants in town.

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Demonstration in Littlehampton

On Tuesday 31st January 2017, Kamon Instructor Steve Truman will be performing a live demo of the wing chun kung fu system.

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New Wing Chun Harrow Class starts Tuesday 9th February 2016

The great Dave Rechais returns to Harrow with a brand new class, alongside his famous Covent Garden and Uxbridge classes and  beginners are always welcome as this new term starts!

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