Kevin Chan inducted in Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame

Kevin Chan was inducted in Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame on Sunday 17th November 2013. The event, which was hosted by UK’s top martial arts magazine, was attended by more than 500 martial artists from around the UK and the world.

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Professor Mauricao Motta Gomes

At Kevin Chan’s BJJ Black Belt Award ceremony

“I would like to award a black belt to someone who has been with us for ages always training, competing, dedicating himself and as a martial artist I have seen very few in my time.”

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Geoff Thompson

Martial Arts Expert and Bafta Winning Writer

“Kevin Chan is fired by the genius that has inspired the great masters of the past. He is a classical master of the future.”

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Nick Ahier

Nick Ahier, Managing Director, REACT SYSTEMS

“Kamon is at the cutting edge of Wing Chun…”

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Christian O’Connell

Virgin Radio Breakfast DJ trains with Kevin Chan

“Kevin Chan is an awesome Martial Artist. A true pioneer who understands Wing Chun traditions and also understands how styles have to evolve to survive.”

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Zoran Carson

It‘s tough in Iraq

“There is no better teacher than Kevin Chan and the Kamon style of wing chun for self defence, it is a seriously effective fighting system”

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David Blackley

Sifu David Blackley, Chief Instructor,University of Nottingham Wing Chun Society.

“Master Chan is so down to earth we both felt fully at ease. Truly a five star rating.”

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Hard Bastards 2

Hard Bastards 2 by Kate Kray (wife of the late Ronnie Kray) features a chapter on Kevin Chan.

“Don’t mess with Kevin, you’d be in for the chop”

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Elaine Liu

What Kung Fu Actress and former Miss Hong Kong Elaine Liu says about Kevin Chan.

“Kevin Chan is a truly outstanding martial artist. That’s why I train with him.”

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Marie Claire magazine

Case Study: Jo Laker, 26, technical support officer for the House of Commons

“I’ve been doing Wing Chun for two years and my confidence has increased enormously.”

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Later Magazine

What Later Magazine had to say about Wing Chun

“Wing Chun is the close protection bodyguards choice.”

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Darren O’Callaghan

Tae Kwon Do 2nd Dan & Kamon student in Portsmouth.

“I stumbled upon Sifu Kevin Chan and Kamon Wing Chun. In them I found an art and a teacher who constantly surprises and inspires me.”

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Celebrity Bodies Magazine

Michael Chan get the celebrity treatment from interviewer Patsy Lester.

Cameron Diaz studied Wing Chun for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for three months for her part in “Charlie’s Angels”

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Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine

Master Chan came 15th in the Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine’s poll of the Worlds Top One Hundred Martial Artists.

Worlds Top One Hundred Martial Artists

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Timeout Magazine

As printed in Timeout Magazine, London

“Was self-defence ever this cool?”

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Clive Hitchen

Quoted from our Guestbook

“I found the demo by Sifu Chan in Wokingham to be very impressive”

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Paul Allen

Enhancing existing martial arts skills with Kamon Wing Chun

“I like the approach that Kamon has. It is a sharp, progressive and no nonsense style of Wing Chun.”

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Paul Blissett

Instructor Paul Blissett re-joins Kamon

“I personally feel Master Kevin Chan‘s Kamon Wing Chun to be the most progressive and pragmatic that i have come across and I am honoured to be teaching for the Federation.”

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