Private tuition

Why would I chose Private Tuition?

Master Kevin ChanYou may not have the time to commit to a regular class, or the local class is held at a time which is inconvenient, or perhaps the class may not be your ideal environment to learn. Whatever the reason, Kamon Private Tuition with Master Chan or a senior Kamon instructor is the perfect way to begin your Wing Chun journey.
You may already be attending a Kamon class and find that it suits you, but you want to take your development further. Whether you want to focus on a particular area of your training or want to push yourself that little bit more, Kamon Private Tuition is an excellent way of complementing your class training. We all learn in a different way; perhaps parts of the class work move too fast or too slow, or you want to focus on developing specific areas. You may feel you have fallen behind after a period of illness or other absence. Private Tuition can quickly bring you back up to speed again.

How Private Tuition can give you the edge

Training with Master Chan or a senior Kamon instructor, you can train what you want, how and when you want. Private Tuition can help you learn much quicker – up to three times as quickly as you would in the class environment. You will get individual attention, the chance to ask questions you may be too shy to ask in a class and get training that moves at your pace, the way you like to learn. Private Tuition could save you years of training by taking you rapidly to the next level.

Real people, real results

Ed Beesley, a marketing consultant from the Battersea class, had the time, opportunity and drive to take his training further. Private Tuition with Master Chan was the perfect way for him to develop his skills rapidly:

“The private lesson structure allows you to take your Wing Chun development to a greater level adding greater variety, individual attention and truly unrivalled guidance – all of which have allowed my Wing Chun to progress significantly in a relatively short space of time.”

Russell Luckey, a 28-year old scientist from the Guildford class, wanted to concentrate on a particular aspect of his Wing Chun study.

“The lessons have allowed me to focus on specific areas of training which I feel require attention and have given me the opportunity to try out what I have learned during regular class time.”

Whatever your motivation, Kamon Private Tuition will boost and enrich your Wing Chun training, giving you individual attention, positive, constructive feedback and a chance to boost your training and achievement to a higher level.

Big achievements, not big commitment

You can choose to take Private Tuition for as little or as long as you want – there’s no minimum commitment! Try one or two lessons; we’re confident that you’ll see the benefits for yourself.  Sifu Chan currently conducts private tuition at locations in Clapham and Portsmouth, other locations maybe possible by arrangement.

What next?

If Kamon Private Tuition sounds like the first or the next step in your Wing Chun training, or if you want to enquire further, email Kevin Chan and he’ll be able to help you take your training forward!