Kamon Children’s Wing chun kung fu Classes

We believe in a confident, motivated, happy child.

We are conscious that we are laying firm foundations for a life time of learning for a rapidly changing world beyond. Kamon Wing Chun is a contemporary-classical and forward thinking martial art with a respect for traditional values. We offer a safe, happy environment for your child to flourish and learn martial skills alongside life skills.

Through the practise of martial arts, Kamon will teach your child the concept of achievement, giving them high aspirations in life, the importance of setting goals and working towards them. We want children, not only to obtain martial skills, but to practise good behaviour and morals, which will transcend into good conduct and etiquette at school and home.


Our junior sessions are designed to equip your child with the real physical skills to defend themselves through learning a classical martial art.

As well as teaching them self-defence techniques, we believe in developing their mental capacity to achieve, promoting the qualities of:

  • DSC_9725_smallresponsibility,
  • etiquette,
  • discipline,
  • focus,
  • self-esteem,
  • confidence,
  • cooperation,
  • self-respect and respect for others.

Your child will:

  • have fun,
  • work hard,
  • improve social skills
  • and be motivated.


DSC_9822_smallBullies are drawn to children who can least defend themselves. Bullying effects their mental and social wellbeing if this is not eradicated at an early stage they will carry the same vulnerability in into adulthood. Kamon Wing Chun will give your child real self-defence skills for life! They will not only have the physical capability but also the mental capacity to deal with both verbal and physical harassment. They will understand the rules of engagement and have a flexible response in dealing with the different degrees of harassment using; gestures, eye contact, words, posture or actual physical techniques. They will only use the appropriate force for any given situation (a classical Wing Chun theory).

Childhood obesity

DSC_9846_smallFitness and health are as important as having a good job, being wealthy or having a good family structure. If you are healthy, life is better. We want to give your child a blueprint for a healthy lifestyle, training at Kamon gives your child a passion for an active lifestyle. It offers depth and substance to a fitness regime, kerbing, preventing and reversing the onset of childhood obesity. They will train because they will want to become a better practitioner, becoming fitter and stronger in the process.

Future winners!

DSC_9690_smallBefore having children I thought it would be difficult to teach them all aspects of this art but since having 3 daughters I was both excited and surprised at how much they enjoyed learning and how quickly they took to it therefore I adapted a tailor made training programme for kids.

Most importantly, I don’t believe what they learn should be a compromise purely because they are kids. I believe in the best for my children and for yours.

Kevin Chan

Kamon safeguarding and health and safety policy

Official Kamon children’s classes

For ages 6 to 14 year old.





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