Kamon safeguarding and health and safety policy

At Kamon, the health and safety of the child is paramount. We wish to provide a secure environment for children to train.

This safeguarding policy needs to be read with the class rules, displayed in class.

Parents attendance in the class is required at all times for safeguarding and health and safety proposes.

First aid – any injuries requiring first aid are recorded in an accident book by the teacher of the class. CRB checks and first aid training is required for teachers to prevent and manage risk.

The membership form requires the parent/ carer to state any medical requirements of the child in their care clear to the teacher. However, parents / carers are required and expected to stay in class and be responsible for their own child at all times, to be responsible for them in a medical emergency and at times when they need to leave the class for any reason whatsoever (or if a child has been asked to sit out).

Child friendly rules are displayed in all classes..

No photography or video is allowed except by the teacher. Parents can opt out of being involved in photos or videos via email directly to the teacher. Contact details are available Contact here if you do not have your instructors email you are expected to ask for it.

Photography and videos can and will be used on social media and the main Kamon website unless the parent / carer opts out as above including notifying the teacher face to face that an email has been sent to them as above.

Social services will be contacted of there is a suspicion of a child being abused or harmed.

Gloves and mouth guards must be worn at all time whilst engaging in sparring or in any other activity or situation that the teacher has instructed that they are required.

It is the parent/ carers responsibility to ensure that the child under their care and supervision in class is fully equipped for whatever the lesson may provide.

Any concerns or complaints about a teacher can be raised with Sifu in writing. Contact here

New staff are required to have CRB checks and inducted into safeguarding practices.

It must be highlighted that whilst the parent / carers presence is expected and required at all times, they are fully responsible for the child in their care. In effect, Kamon and all staff within Kamon do not hold loco parentis and may, at any time, ask a child or adult to leave the class. The teacher holds responsibility of the lessons delivery in a safe manner.

If you are ejected from a Kamon class, a reason is not required or expected to be provided by Kamon its teachers or it’s staff in any situation.

Parents are required and expected to read this document and by training with Kamon you are agreeing to such terms and conditions of our service.