Kevin Chan trains with Lisa Cheng

New students are always welcome at our classes

Can I start anytime?

Yes you can. We have enough instructors and assistant instructors to help people with all levels of ability and fitness. Our classes are friendly and welcoming to new students.

Can I watch a class first before starting?

Yes, you can watch a class first before participating so that you can get an appreciation of the overall class. If you like what you see and want to give it a go, you can join the following week.

When I join, what should I wear?

Wear comfortable loose clothing such as a t-shirt and jogging trousers. Wear comfortable trainers (preferably flat soled). You may want to bring a bottle of water.

What will I need to pay when I start?

You will need to pay a months tuition fees. You will know after a months training if Kamon Wing Chun is right for you. You have two months before you need to purchase membership (including insurance) and a uniform. You can find out the exact fees by looking at our Class Info page.

Other useful information.

For your first lesson, please turn up a little earlier than the class start time so that the instructor can register you. You will need to fill in a form so that we are sure you do not have any medical conditions that could be affected by training. If you are in doubt about your medical fitness, please consult your doctor first.