Spring Camp 11th – 14th June 2015

Intensive training in Wing Chun as well as beach training, weapons defence, kicking training, BJJ and more.
This will be a very social trip where you will make new friends and have a great time
£30 per person (not including travel or accommodation)
Those interested should email steve.truman@live.co.uk asap

Steve says “I’ve decided to change the annual Sheffield trip to a week on the south coast. I am putting together a week of intensive training for all Kamonites. This week will include beach training, conditioning, visiting of classes (including Portsmouth with Sifu), socialising and one on one sessions. I have left it fairly open as I understand that people do have lives. The training will commence on the Thursday morning, and finish Sunday morning.

Fixed price for the training will be £30 per person, which must be paid by 30th May 2015.

For accomodation, there are a variety of options. For cheapness, please book in Brighton. This will make evening socialising a lot easier. We will do a last training session and meet up on Hove Lawns on the Sunday, before people have to go home etc.

Brighton has a host of hotels from the Travelodge to cheap B&B’s. If you get stuck booking, let me know and I’ll see if I can find you deals.

Equipment can be stored at my house, and I am happy to do washing of uniform etc that you might need.

Private one to one sessions will be done at my house (kwoon lol), and will be part of the £30. They can cover any subject.

All are welcome to this. Itd be great to see a lot of the London guys come down, and those who dare to venture will be rewarded………..”