Anna Tanczos began her combat career as a Sabre fencer, culminating in inclusion on the GB squad at the 2000 world championships. After developing an interest in fighting without a sword, and a year of training Wushu Quan Kung Fu, she has dedicated her training to Kamon Wing Chun.

The Surbiton class is a relaxed and friendly environment to learn self defence and the art of Wing Chun. We pay attention to the details of the three empty hand forms and to how the structures of Wing Chun work in a dynamic environment. You will learn to move well, hit hard and will grow in confidence. Training includes: form work, partner drills, pad work, chi sau, clinch work, light sparring and more. The class has been running since 2004 so there is a great opportunity to learn tips and tricks from senior students whilst learning the basics, beginners are always welcome.

You can usually join straight away, or watch a class first if you prefer. Minimum trial period is one month. You can train for two months after which time you must purchase a uniform and annual membership which includes insurance.

£50.00 per month entitles you to train once a week. £60.00 per month entitles you to train multiple times per week.

InstructorAnna Tanczos 0773 454 3915

Wednesday - 19:00 to 21:00

Surbiton Assembly Rooms
138 Maple Road