Toby McKaine

I have been training in Martial Arts for almost four years and they have been the most fun and exciting four years of my life. I have made a tonne of progress in social skills, physical health and fitness, self-confidence and self-defence skills by training in the Kamon Federation. The atmosphere is amazing and there is a constant happy feel to every session, and all the kids get along and maintain good respectful relationships with each other. My mentor since day one, Luca, has been an amazing influence and has provided lots of support for me whenever I needed it, and this has helped me a huge amount in developing the confidence and determination I have today. At present I am a Green 1 Adult Grade and am the youngest in the federation to have attained this level. For slightly over a year now I have been helping out in various kids classes and this has helped me to grow even more as being a good helper and mentoring younger students in Martial Arts is just as difficult as the training itself! I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Luca and many other amazing people in the Kamon Federation who I’ve trained with. The super-enjoyable classes, life skills to be learnt, and of course skills in self-defence make the Kamon Federation the perfect place for any kid to start learning Martial Arts.