Lee Batley – Licensed Body Guard

I found Kamon Wing Chun 15 yrs ago and instantly fell in love with the art, I was very efficient in Tae Kwon Do and had experience in many other arts including the samurai sword but as Bruce lee said there is no right or wrong art it’s simply what works for you. I loved the Wing Chun classes and did 3 a week really dedicating myself to it and very quickly moved up the belts to a point I enjoyed teaching within the classes, I toyed with the idea of starting my own class but regretfully I never did. The teaching standards of all the instructors under Kevin Chan (Sifu) are amazing Lee Saunders, Jamie Horgan, Roy Fretwell, Dave Rechais etc.
I was in a club on new year’s eve as a patron as my close friends were all running security there that night and I noticed an Asian couple having a quiet drink, when the male left his girlfriend to attend the toilet a group of Asian males approached the lone female and started harassing her at one point one male tried to grab her and pull her away from the table, the boyfriend came back and immediately shouted at the group and within seconds they attacked him knocking him to the ground, his girlfriend screaming I instinctively ran to his aid as he was now on the floor being kicked and stamped on by 5 males, as I approached the group they all turned on me which was a bad mistake for them as I went through them all with ease knocking them all on their arses . The security arrived and ejected all of them and assisted the injured male with the first aid he needed. One of my friends reviewed the cctv and said Lee I am putting you through your doorman badge you’re a natural…. I worked the doors for many years after and found Wing Chun invaluable to me with insights and energy control that baffled other doormen, using my opponents energy against him I always managed to control situations and never got beaten up even when being attacked by groups of lads, I joked about having a Spiderman 6th sense when it kicked off. As the years went by I worked my way up to head doorman of huge clubs with 2000 to 3000 patrons and teams of 30 doormen etc and always maintained a professional level of conduct even though I was in fighting situations virtually every week… Wing Chun gave me the confidence to not only protect myself but to protect the patrons and my security team and on countless occasions this art proved time and time again to never let me down.

6 inch Punch

One incident a 6 foot 4 male was drunk and started abusing the bar staff, leaning over the bar and pouring his own drinks so the call came to security to eject him, 3 of my security team tried to eject him but he started kicking and punching them, 2 other security joined the ejection and finally managed to get him to the front door of the venue but he was enraged like a maniac with 5 large doormen holding him down I was holding his neck to the floor with my knee on his chest he just stared at me with a look of I will tear your head off on his face so I softly talked him to calm down saying I will let you go if you just leave do you agree, he nodded to comply so I told all my door staff to release him leaving me still holding him down, when my team were at a safe distance I got off him and offered my hand to help him up but he refused my help he stood up and put his forehead on mine I knew then he wasn’t going to go peacefully, at this point my number 2 stepped to the side of him to show me support and without hesitation the male grabbed my number 2’s testicles and squeezed them as hard as he could just staring at me, I put my hand up to his face and shouted let go this is your only warning but the scream of my number 2 got the better of me and I hit him with all my force, He went down hard… his friends phoned the police and an ambulance, after an hour of him being treated by the ambulance crew they determined he had a shattered eye socket from the 6 inch punch I had given him.. The police took statements and asked to review the cctv because the official paramedic report was I had to have hit him with brass knuckles to do that damage with a single punch but the cctv footage clearly showed my open hand pointing at him then I drew back 6 to 10 inches closed my fist drawing my Wing Chun power up from the floor, rotating my waist and bang lights out.. No charges were filed against me as it was self defence.







Ejecting people I found easy to do on my own as I could place a soft unaggressive hold on my opponent which they didn’t find threatening so complied with me most of the time whereas most of the doormen I worked with used heavy force which only battled and contradicted the ejection process as their opponent would resist so they fell into a battle of power like stags locking horns. The golden Wing Chun rule is relax if your are relaxed you can feel your opponents reactions in milliseconds giving you a far better reaction time to defend yourself. An example of this is I ejected a male for punching someone in the face in the club but I was only holding him gently so non threatening, I walked him outside the club and as I released him one of his pals fish hooked me in the eye from behind and without thought I reacted with a Lap Sao of his wrist I based off low and pulled that Lap Sao with all my body weight the guy came flying in front of me head first into a car door knocking him senseless and unluckily for him the police saw it all so arrested him for criminal damage of the car door… If you are not familiar with Wing Chun terminology Lap Sao is a pulling technique with explosive power used to overcome your opponents defences or like I explained to pull someone off balance…. Wing Chun is a fascinating system unlike most martial arts it’s based on centre line theory simultaneous attack and defence and energy manipulation, whereas the majority of martial arts are based on fitness and power, Wing Chun relies on shapes and the control of energy so you don’t have to be a big strong person to be efficient in the art you just have to master the shapes and forms and the way it controls energy.
A life threatening situation I resolved was a guy was ejected from the club for starting a fight with 4 guys, he threatened me on the door by saying he was going to get a knife to stab me, I had heard that 100’s of times on the door but this was the first occasion whereby someone actually made good their threat he returned to the door about 20 mins later with his belt in one hand and a kitchen knife in the other and made the silly mistake of shouting from 8 foot away from me ” I’m gonna f***ing stab you ” as he walked towards me with both hands to his side I seized the opportunity and flew at him closing the gap I saw his hands come up in my peripheral vision but it was too late for him I planted a 15 stone body weight head but on his forehead and knocked him 5ft backwards through the smoking area barriers resulting in him sleeping like bear…. a male from the smoking area passed me the knife which my number 2 took into the bar and I left him to compose himself, dazed and confused he made more threats about coming back for me later but within 2 hours I had a radio call from the council cctv to say he’d been arrested for hitting a police officer with the belt buckle. Wing Chun is a very close quarters style unlike most we are trained on distance judgement and to close that gap where our techniques are so effective the average street brawler has no clue how to deal with someone in the immediate area, we call this fighting in a phone box and to be fair most attacks do happen at this close range so in my opinion Wing Chun gives you the experience to deal with it.


My self defence skills and security background enabled me to break into the close protection industry which was a bonus as most companies will only take on ex military trained operatives. I even ran security for Big Narstie’s Grime night in Camden which hit 1.5 million views on YouTube.

At the end of 2016 I was executing a High Court Writ and this event was the closest I have come to being killed by a maniac. I was sent to seize a BMW but I had no idea the owner of the vehicle was wanted by the police for drug offences and violence, at first the male was calm and pleaded with me to not take the car but I explained the High Court had authorised it and there was nothing I could do to prevent it, I started to get the feeling there was something not right with this man as he became agitated my instinct told me to call the police and log the incident which I did and whilst they were on the phone to me the male asked if he could get some items from the vehicle before I took it, I of course agreed but as he sat in the car I saw him put the key in the ignition and start the car I immediately opened the car door and lent across him to remove the car key but that’s when he pulled a steak knife from under his driver’s seat and a Stanley knife from the centre console and he went crazy, I backed out of the car as he tried to stab me in the ribs with the steak knife but my reaction to block him gave me the split second to step back away from the car, he then got out and lunged at me trying to slash my arms with the Stanley knife and thrusting up stabbing motions with the steak knife at my torso, It took every test of my Wing Chun ability and training to not get caught by one of his attacks, he then jumped back into the driver’s seat and closed the door so I opened the door he then stood up and lent over the door with the Stanley knife and tried to slash my upturned wrist which surely would have been life threatening if he severed my main artery. Again my Wing Chun reactions enabled me to move my wrist literally a second before the swipe. I was totally pumped on adrenalin I looked around and saw school children walking along the street, women with pushchairs and young children etc, I knew there and then if this maniac got away in the car in the state of mind he was in someone was going to get seriously injured or worse, his attention drifted off me for a second or two as he dropped the Stanley knife into the centre console and went to start the ignition again and I knew this was my only chance to take him out so I opened the door and he raised the steak knife up at this chest level, I kicked through the knife will all my force, the knife shot out of the car and he took my size 12 boot to the mouth and he screamed, the police were still on the call and heard me shouting he’s trying to stab me and then heard the screaming they actually thought he had stabbed me and it was me screaming, he started the car but I heard the police sirens 2 roads away so thought he won’t get far, he hit a wall, hit a parked car then finally got swarmed by the police at the top of the road and was arrested. When the police pulled up to me they got out so I handed them the knife, the male officer said are you Lee, yes I am I replied, Oh I thought you had been stabbed, No officer that was him you heard screaming not me.. The officers reply was ” He picked on the wrong guy today didn’t he Lee” Yes sir !…..

Wing Chun has been my holy grail for many years and it’s a system that’s raw and effective in most if not all situations you will encounter, on slippery bar floors where acrobatic martial arts will just land you on your arse or in crowded places where you don’t have the room to pull off flamboyant dramatic moves, Wing Chun works and works well. I owe my life to Wing Chun indeed….