Steven Barclay has instructed at the Sutton Class since 2005. He has trained with Kamon since 2001 and is a Black Sash Instructor.  Steven has also trained in various other martial arts in his time including-Karate for nearly 18 years reaching 2nd Dan Black Belt, Tai Chi Yang Style (Long form) and Chi Quong for nearly 2 years and is currently training in Kamon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where he has attained his Blue Belt from Master Chan and his Purple belt from Sensei Dante Montagnani at Croydon BJJ

The Sutton Kamon Class is located within a five minute walk from Sutton main station. The Class has many committed students and has a broad range of ages. Many of the students have previous martial art training backgrounds but this is not essential,  the class is a mixture of beginners through to advanced level.

Classes are taught in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere but not in substitution for hard work and training progression. All areas of the Wing Chun syllabus are taught in class, also incorporated is pad work and light sparring with gloves. This induces good co-ordination and footwork.  The main class training emphasis is based on an evolving style with effectiveness and efficiency being foremost.

Beginners are always welcome. Any age, body size and shape can start training. You can either watch a class or start straight away.  A t-shirt and jogging bottoms are the best clothing to wear initially.

Kamon Wing Chun is a great way of keeping fit and active, meet new people and learn how defend yourself all at the same time, it really is self-defence for the 21st century.

£50 entitles you to train once a week. £60 per month entitles you to train multiple times per week.

InstructorSteven Barclay 07906 121533

Tuesday - 19:30 to 21:00

Trinity Church, Sutton (URC/Methodist)
Cheam Road