Rickmansworth Wing Chun Kung Fu Class

The Croxley class opened in late 2012 and has recently moved to Rickmansworth. The class caters for beginners and aims to offer experienced students the ability to build on their foundations. Students are given the opportunity to explore the self-defence methods that works best for them and they will have an opportunity to develop their fitness in a fun and challenging way.

The class instructor, Teik, has been training since early 2004 within Kamon and regularly attends classes as a student. He enjoys learning about the background and theory of the art and loves to spend a few nights-a-week training with like-minded individuals, he has met interesting individuals from a variety of backgrounds over the years. For him, he feels that learning martial arts is a valuable life skill in terms of confidence building as well as a self-defence skill.

He is drawn to the progressive nature of Kamon and aims to provide a positive, patient and open approach to teaching the art. Most of all, Teik believes that students should enjoy their training, He enjoys Wing Chun as it is a style that is simple to learn but takes a lifetime to master, given the depth of the art. Teik hopes to continue learning Wing Chun well into old age!

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£50 per month entitles you to train once a week. £60 per month entitles you to train multiple times per week.

£35 per month for children

£12 for an individual class for people who make one or two classes a month.

InstructorTeik Khow 0785 116 0445

Tuesday - 19:00 to 20:30

Cloisters Hall
The Cloisters