Redhill – A great class to join if you want to learn how to defend yourself and be part of a team that inspires; discipline, respect, confidence, determination and a healthy lifestyle.

Redhill Class is taught by Black Sash Instructor Nick Choudry

Nick has trained with Sifu Kevin Chan and Kamon Martial Art Federation since 2001.

Nick’s dedication, skill level and attitude make him a great role model for everyone at Kamon. He leads by example with his unique in class teaching ethic and his natural ability to develop, motivate and bring out the best in each of his students. All of whom will become or already have become confident well rounded individuals who possess devastating Wing Chun skills!  His own consistent training insures that Redhill class is always evolving and up to date with the latest conceptual and teaching developments of Kamon Wing Chun.


Why join Kamon Wing Chun Redhill Class?

–        Everyone should have some self-defence skills

–        Tone and build muscle strength while improving your appearance

–        Increase your daily energy levels while burning calories

–        Keeps you feeling young and agile

–        Relieve built-up tension and enjoy a sense of calm

–        Be part of a winning team

–        Have fun!


Getting Started
It’s easy! You will have a few introductory private lessons in class with Nick or one of the senior grades (you can also bring along a friend). You will receive a friendly welcome as we want you to feel at ease while you ask questions and learn more about us. We want you to feel confident and certain before participating in a class. Membership and uniform can be purchased once you feel comfortable to join.

It’s that simple!


“Increased self-confidence and belief is a natural by-product of regular training.

I look forward to meeting and training with you!”

– Nick Choudry

£35.00 per month entitles you to train once a week. £40.00 per month entitles you to train multiple times per week.

InstructorNick Choudry 0757 297 2209

Wednesday - 20:15 to 21:45

The Colman Redland Community Centre
Croydon Road