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East Grinstead

Bill Bostock has been training with Master Kevin Chan since 1991. Bill received his Black Sash Level I in 1997 and his Black Sash Level II in 2005. When younger, Bill trained in a hybrid style based on Wing Chun and other Chinese martial arts (called Tong Kuen Do, Way of the Chinese Fist). He has also trained in traditional Jiu-Jitsu. Bill is a qualified instructor in Ba Duan Jin (Golden Eight Exercises) and Zhang Zhong (Standing on Stake) Chi Kung (Chinese breathing exercises). He offers private lessons and seminars in Chi Kung and Wing Chun.

The Club

Bill is fully committed to the Kamon system of Wing Chun, as adapted by Master Kevin Chan. A complete and highly effective martial art, it has evolved under Master Chan’s guidance for use in the 21st century and is continually evolving. The Kamon practitioner learns the complete traditional Wing Chun syllabus in depth, together with the best aspects of other fighting systems to make the individual well versed and flexible enough to adapt to any situation, making them unconventional and unpredictable. The club Kamon Martial Art Federation West Sussex branch has three locations taught by Senior instructor Bill Bostock. The first class opened in 1999 in Crawley closely followed by branches in Horsham and East Grinstead. Each class was launched with a public demonstrations by Master Kevin Chan, founder and chief instructor of Kamon Martial Art Federation.


£40.00 per month entitles you to train once a week. £45.00 per month entitles you to train multiple times per week.

InstructorBill Bostock 020 8123 5768

Tuesday - 19:45 to 21:15

Énergie Fitness Club
London Road
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 1EQ