Croydon Wing Chun Kung Fu Class

Kevin Chan demonstrates elbow Croydon Kamon Wing Chun class was founded by Master Kevin Chan in 1991, and along with Beckenham and Portsmouth, is one of the three classes regularly taught personally by him. Training is in a relaxed, friendly environment within which the complete Wing Chun system is taught to all levels, from beginners to advanced level students. Being taught personally by Kevin Chan, the class attracts a wide variety of students including many senior students and instructors which provides advanced level training partners for all. Beginners benefit greatly from learning in a semi-private style from Kevin Chan and his senior instructors, and from the hands on opportunity to train directly with them. The complete Wing Chun system is emphasised by Kevin Chan who pays close attention to his student’s development through the framework of the system whilst developing skills of real practical value. Always with a keen eye on how concepts and ideas are being absorbed and subsequently expressed by his students, Kevin Chan’s classes continue to convey his own evolving insight into Wing Chun. New concepts and ideas are always being introduced and explored in these classes keeping them fresh and exciting. New starters, whether total beginners or students with prior martial arts experience are always welcome at class. Simply turn up and watch a class, and receive a demonstration of the Kamon Wing Chun style, or bring a T-shirt, track suit bottoms, trainers and class fees to participate straight away.

Fees are £10 for a single session beginner lesson and £13 for whole session or monthly fees of £50 to train exclusively at Croydon on Monday evenings, or £60 to train at multiple classes / days.

InstructorKevin Chan 07775858886

Monday - 19:00 to 20:30 Adult class all levels

St. Andrews Church
Southbridge Road