Cheam Children’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Class


Kamon Wing Chun Cheam Kids class is taught by Harrison O’Neill at 10-11am  every Sunday morning, who also teaches the Sutton Kids Class Tuesday evenings. The class is suitable for ages 5 – 15 years.

Sutton and Cheam Kamon Wing Chun Kids Classes are led by Sihing Harrison O’Neill who has been with Kamon for 8 years.

Since age 9 he trained in various disciplines, holding grades in Kyokushin Karate, Aikijujitsu and Aikido in addition to training Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo and has full contact competition experience.

Harrison has a clear understanding of how Kamon would benefit your kids first hand.

“I have always trained martial arts since age nine,” explains Harrison. “A victim of bullying like many, my confidence and self esteem suffered as a result of my experiences as did my belief in my ability to learn and achieve.

“I trained karate for 6 years and was awarded many belts but still could not defend myself up to about age 16. Long story short what I was training got me fit, I had a six pack and could do fancy kicks and shouts but I still got beat up and pushed around bu stronger opponents. I ended up not doing much with my time.

“I started with Kamon at 17 with Sihing Steve Barclay and trained karate alongside Wing Chun for about a year.

“I very quickly realised how much time and money had been wasted on unrealistic training. I suddenly was learning how to deal with face to face confrontation and how to deal with someone, no messing around. My eyes were opened into a world of techniques and a no ego environment which seemed so alien to me.

“At 25 I can look back and see over the years I got hassled less and less since I started kamon. I found challenges and threats more funny as time went on and learned how to read people.

“My father became seriously ill and decided to open up a kids class in Sutton where our kamon journey began after 6 years or so training in Kamon.

“After he passed away I found the courage to compete and win my debut competition match in the summer of 2016. The first of its kind, a UK wide full contact wing chun competition, although losing my second fight straight after in a second round KO (such is life).

“I vowed to be the best martial artist I can be, took over the Sutton class and started teaching kids kamon wing chun in the hope of passing on my passion and love for training, what it can do for people and to bring honour to Kamon.”


Cost is £45 per month to train once per week or £48 to cross train at other Kamon classes

InstructorHarrison O'Neill 07903 563225

Sunday - 10.00 to 11.00

Cheam Parochial Hall
2 Cookes Lane