Sutton Children’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Class

Harrison O'Neill

Kamon Wing Chun Sutton Kids class is taught by Harrison O’Neill at 18:25pm –19:15pm  every Tuesday, who also teaches the Morden kids class Saturday mornings.

The class is suitable for ages 4 to 14 years.

Offers available for monthly students only, for full details and updates check our Facebook page.



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Fees are £13 per lesson or £43 per month. Monthly students have the option to take money back deals and make payments online.


Kamon Wing Chun kids class Sutton instructor Harrison O’Neill who has been with Kamon for since age 17. He has trained since age 9 in various disciplines. holding grades in Kyokushin Karate, Aikijujitsu and Aikido in addition to training Boxing, BJJ and Judo.

Harrison has a clear understanding of how Kamon would benefit your kids first hand. He competed in 2016, winning his debut fight at the first UK wide full contact Wing Chun tournament.

His aim is to help kids build confidence and self-esteem in a fun a friendly environment while also learning discipline through self defence. Students are encouraged to train together as this helps build confidence through meeting new people while also imroving teamwork.

Parking facilities close nearby at Gibson Road and Times Square.


“I started training Kamon Wing Chun at the same time as my father. When we met my instructor Steve Barclay when I was 16, I knew instantly I had found what I was looking for. After teaching the Sutton kids class with my father since it opened, I have learned  a great deal about myself. I have come to realise the value training and teaching holds.

I have also learned how much of an impact we have as role models and mentors towards others, their families and their lives.

I have the opportunity to give back to martial arts and my community, help others be the best martial artist they can be and make a difference to their future. Through teaching, we help future martial artists to achieve their full potential. We also inspire them through training, passing on the values and principles we believe in through training.

I also believe in personal development through training, something which has impacted on my life and capabilities personally. I feel it is my duty as a martial artist to help others in their training. I made a promise that I would honour my father through martial arts and that is why I am proud to take the Kamon Wing Chun Kids class in Sutton.”





Fees are £13 per lesson or £43 per month. Monthly students have the option to take money back deals and make payments online.

InstructorHarrison O'Neill 07903 563225

Tuesday - 18:25 to 19:15

Trinity Church, Sutton (URC/Methodist)
Cheam Road