Morden Children’s Wing Chun Class

Harrison O'Neill

The new Kamon Wing Chun Kids Claas is taught by Harrison O’Neill, who also teaches the children’s class at Sutton.

Morden class takes place in Morden Assembly Hall from 1st October 2016 9:30-10:30. Free parking is available at the hall.

He has trained in various martial arts since a young age and teaches the traditional side of Wing Chun, along side modern techniques and game based activities which encourage personal progression and skill development.


Offers are available for monthly students only. Harrison states that the best advertisement for Kamon Wing Chun is the spirit and ability of the students and instructors we teach.

Fees are £13 per lesson or £43 per month. Monthly students have the option to take money back deals and make payments online.


Children aged 6- 14 are welcome to attend.

Take a look at the Facebook pages for Sutton and Morden. Links to mobile sites are provided below.



£13 per lesson or £43 per month

InstructorHarrison O'Neill 07903 563225

Saturday - 09.30 to 10.30

Tudor drive