Morden Children’s Wing Chun Class


Kamon Wing Chun Morden Kids class is taught by Harrison O’Neill at 9:30-10:30 every Saturday morning, who also teaches the Sutton Kids Class Tuesday evenings. The class is suitable for ages 4 to 14 years. Offers available for monthly students only, for full details and updates check our facebook pages.

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Fees are £13 per lesson or £43 per month. Monthly students have the option to take money back deals and make payments online.

Sutton and Morden Kamon Wing Chun Kids Classes

Is led by Sihing Harrison O’Neill who has been with Kamon for since age 17.

Since age 9 he trained in various disciplines, holding grades in Kyokushin Karate, Aikijujitsu and Aikido in addition to training Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo.

Harrison has a clear understanding of how Kamon would benefit your kids first hand. He competed in 2016, winning his debut fight at the first UK wide full contact Wing Chun tournament.

His aim is to help build confidence, self-belief and self-esteem in a fun a friendly environment while also learning discipline through self-defence and respect through working with others.

“I started training Kamon Wing Chun at the same time as my father. We trained in karate for 6 years which wasn’t working for us, despite the great moves we saw in the movies, rigorous training and achieving many belts, realistically, I could not defend myself and was still being bullied and beaten up on a daily basis, inside and outside of school. I was afraid to leave my house on threats and intimidation I received. My behaviour, social life and education suffered. This had a knock on effect to many areas of my life outside of school and within myself.

We met my teacher, Steve Barclay, when I was 16. I knew instantly I had found what I was looking for with Kamon Wing Chun. My father and I trained for 6 years and my ability and confidence sky rocketed. I seemed to have less issues with school bullies, and interestingly gained respect from after a while. Later in life adults seemed not to bother me that much either. I was helped to progress by the senior students and teachers of Kamon Wing Chun. Nowadays, I find it funny when a situation occurs and simply walk away. Ultimately, getting involved in bad situations isn’t healthy for being a balanced person. It can be dangerous and have a negative effect on your mind and therefore how you treat others.

My father opened up a kids class at Sutton whilst being seriously ill, and we taught a kids class in Sutton in the mind of giving back to the martial arts and passing on what we had learned while there was still time.

I have learned a great deal about myself, training and teaching over the last few years since my father passed and I took over his class in July 2016. I also opened a Morden kids class in October 2016, to give my students more time to train and to reach the community further.

I have also learned how much of an impact we have as role models and mentors towards others, their families and their lives. I believe that I can give others the tools and inspiration which I have used to face many challenges in my life.

I now can give back to martial arts and my community and help others be the best martial artist they can be, make a difference to them and install self-belief.

Through teaching we help future martial artists to achieve their full potential, whilst inspiring them and passing on the values which I have been learning throughout my teenage years and early adulthood.

I feel it is my duty as a martial artist to help others in their training. I vowed to honour my father through teaching progressive and realistic Kamon Wing Chun Kung Fu and to be the best martial artist I can be. It is for these reasons, I was proud to take over the Kamon Wing Chun Kids class in Sutton.

I believe in giving the next generation direction and an outlet, giving them tools they can use to be the best person they can be, developing into resilient and compassionate adults as they mature. I enjoy watching my students grow and seeing their various skillsets develop so that they can adapt to any type of attacker or situation.

The best example I can provide of what Kamon does is what my students can do and how they treat others. Toby, my assistant instructor has been teaching with me since 2016, who started with Kamon as a child student. Toby and myself currently teach at Morden and Sutton kids classes and still attend as many classes as we can whilst training outside of class and engaging in projects and community events.”

Parking facilities close nearby at at the Sutton Venue on Tuesdays, parking is free at the Morden venue on Saturdays.



Sutton class

(Opposite all bar one)

Trinity Church Sutton

Hill Road,



Gibson Road and Times Square car parking




Morden class

(Opposite The Morden Brook)

Tudor Drive
Greater London

Free on site car parking!


Toby McKaine (assistant instructor)

“I joined Kamon Wing Chun at the age of 13, having very little social confidence and experiencing a tough time at school due to bullying. I knew nothing about self-defence and was excited to start learning and hopefully making new friends.

I was one of the original members of the first Kamon Kids class in Epsom. This is where I met Harrison, who was assisting the Epsom Kids instructor (Luca). I immediately realised that I really enjoyed training, and I was getting along with my training partners more than most people at school.

Luca and Harrison have both been extremely helpful to me in my 4 and a half years of training. They have given me loads of encouragement and support, provided me with opportunities to train outside of class, and have been friendly and welcoming.

They have been a huge confidence boost for me, and now I am starting to work my way towards becoming a role model for the younger kids just like Luca and Harrison were for me. Harrison teaches both the Sutton Kids and Morden Kids classes, and I am now improving my confidence and self-esteem even more by helping him out. I have been assisting teaching the classes for almost a year, and it is helping me to gain experience so that day I can hopefully become an instructor too.

I am extremely surprised with the progress I have made in life as well as martial arts. I know that Kamon Wing Chun will benefit kids of all ages, and I believe I am a great example of the positive impact Kamon can have on young people’s lives. The classes always have a good atmosphere and are a fun place for kids to make new friends, and work hard on their self-defence skills. The environment is also safe and consistently positive.

I have never seen rudeness or disrespect coming from kids; the instructors don’t tolerate such behaviour. I’ve also never experienced any aggressive ego’s or arrogance. Nor have I seen any kids getting hurt my accident (apart from myself, but that’s fine ?). Regardless of your age, gender, fitness level or experience level, I recommend trying out a Kamon Wing Chun Kids class to everyone. Make your upcoming summer holiday the coolest ever!”

£13 per lesson or £43 per month

InstructorHarrison O'Neill 07903 563225

Saturday - 09.30 to 10.30

Tudor drive