Chi Sao Gathering – Brighton

We will be hosting a large gathering for those interested in working on their Dan Chi Sao and Chi Sao […]

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Joint demo on Sunday 5th November 2017 10-11am at the new Cheam kids class venue

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New Cheam kids class starts 5th November in Cheam Parochial Hall

Come to watch the first class and if you decide to join you may pay monthly online.

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About Kamon Wing Chun

A Wing Chun system that's easy to learn and guaranteed to get results fast.

Kamon Wing Chun

Our mission is to teach progressive Wing Chun kung fu for self defence, to improve self-confidence and to inspire and encourage a sense of lifelong personal development and learning.

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Kevin Chan

Thumbnail of Kevin Chan

Master Kevin Chan has been a martial art practitioner since childhood and founder of the Kamon Martial Arts Federation in 1992, which has successful academies all over the UK.

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Kamon Wing Chun Student

Beginners are always welcome, We cater for all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Click read more to find your nearest Kamon Wing Chun class.

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